Playing As Screensaver

Are you using Online MonitorsAnyWhere inside your organization and you like to reach even more employees with your content? Then consider installing your Online MonitorsAnyWhere channel as a screensaver on their Windows machines.

The only additional thing you need is a tool that lets you create a screensaver of a web page: a Online MonitorsAnyWhere channel, in this case. Live Screensaver Creator is such a tool.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Get the shareable playback address of your channel, which you can find by clicking on the channel and selecting Share.
  2. Configure Live Screensaver Creator to show the webpage at your shareable playback address
  3. Be sure to set the Page display interval in Live Screensaver Creator to the highest number (e.g. 999). This is the interval with which the screensaver reloads your channel.